Photo Credit: Nikolaus James


Nicole James

 Nicole James is a Sculptor and Installation artist working primarily with structural lace as a foundation for her work, creating immersive environments through the manipulation of traditionally soft material. Fascinated with the unspoken gender associations we instinctively place upon things as basic as textures, values, shapes, etc., her work aims to draw attention to the complications surrounding what we understand as feminine. Her studio practice involves the transformation of materials and forms to provide a glimpse of a more truthful identity, free from the constraints of gender norms and expectations.

James is presently teaching 2D and 3D design as a graduate student at Georgia Southern University. She received her BFA with a concentration in sculpture from the University of North Florida in 2015. She has recently been “The Bride” in the Iron Wedding performance at the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, has exhibited in various galleries in Florida and Georgia, and currently has work at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY.